Prepare for summer with Fisiosphere now in St. Paul’s

apg-fisiosphere-macchinario-d7r8479-okLoose weight tone lift and firm for summer with instant results.

  • Fisiosphere Endermologie body treatment. Choose from:
    • 30 minute treatment¬†or
    • 60 minute treatment

Fisiosphere uses a combination of motorised endomassage and pulsed magnetic fields which generate a visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite and an increase in firmness and elasticity of the tissue. When applied to the face, it leads to a reduction in visibility of wrinkles and gives a powerful toning.

  • In a non-invasive way Fisiosphere fights the unsightly appearance of:
    • Cellulite
    • Localised fat deposits
    • Skin laxity
    • Wrinkles

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